VEKTORKOLLEKTOR is a mobile vector drawing machine. It consists of an old pen plotter (big thanks to XHAIN for the donation), which is operated by an arcade joystick. The drawn images are digitally archived and published on this website. You can browse the data set by swiping, by hitting the arrow keys, or by entering a specific drawing number in the menu.
VEKTORKOLLEKTOR was made 2021 by Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppä in Chemnitz at Dialogfelder ZWEI, a residency project of Klub Solitaer. It was shown at the summer party of the Architektenkammer Berlin in 2021 and at R.o.R. Festival in Nova Gorica / Slovenia in 2022.
The installation is maintained, fixed and improved during the FlieKü residency in Frankfurt / Preungesheim.
The installation and this website have built-in music, which is composed by KOKORO. Further tracks are contributed by FXA & some more openly licensed titles are used from

If you want to read more about how the machine is made, there's a detailed post on Niklas' website. It includes also links to the Arduino source codes.
Here's a video of the VEKTORKOLLEKTOR in action:

You can also find the clip in HQ on
The archive of vector drawings is digitally available in the following formats: The collection is in the public domain (CC0). Feel free to do whatever you like with it!
You can also directly load the vector drawings into Inkscape, thanks to this super cool Plugin written by Mario Voigt.
So far, a few things have been made with the vector data set and we are constantly looking for new ideas!
Please let us know if you used the drawings for something.

Below are some examples:
Here's a vector animation player, which we use for exhibitions and performances.
We also made a stereoscoping renderer to enjoy the drawings in 3D with a stereoscope. In case you don't have one, here's an instruction to build one out of cardboard and cheap reading glasses.

⚠️ Warning: The renderer and the diy instructions are not meant to be used on mobile devices. But it gets worse: The 3d renderer is optimized for Niklas' laptop and requires a special stereoscope to use. 🤪
We have sprayed some vector drawings on walls with a big graffiti plotter.
Vector graffiti
Mario has made a laser-cut stamp out of a wood block:
Vector stamp
We have also printed a cup:
Vector cup
And we made a kind of funny horoscope, the Vektorskop (PDF in German). It is also available in physical form at Späti in Chemnitz.
Making the Vektorskop
That's it so far. We are updating this website from time to time, so it's worth to check back in the future :)
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to get in touch with Kati or Niklas.

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